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The Woonona Bulli Men's Shed is a special place for many reasons. Over the years, our local Men's Shed has been providing a welcoming and safe space for men over 18 to come together to share mateship and ideas. All members have a say in how the Men's Shed is governed in an effort to be as inclusive as possible. 

It seems the formula is a huge hit. In ten years, 1000 Men's Sheds have emerged across Australia.
Ireland and Europe are using the Australian Shed experience, and in 5 years, they have opened double this number proving that the Men's Shed is a very viable and supportive initiative.

All sheds are different. The basic rules are mateship and safety. The men not only enjoy using the workshop but enjoy working with other community groups, each others company and benefit from having a very well-equipped workshop and kitchen in which to produce their items.

The Woonona Bulli Men's Shed are also very proud of their outdoor garden space, growing a number of seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs. The gentleman have worked hard to become as sustainable as possible. They are keen recyclers and even create their own special jams and pickles as well as biscuits which they sell.

In recent times, the shed has also run art-classes with great results.

The Woonona Bulli Men's Shed is a great place for members to learn, develop and help others by being involved with other people and with others in the community all the while personally growing in confidence, skills and knowledge.

Woonona Bulli RSL Club have recently been very fortunate to have our new Market Day cart made by the Woonona Bulli Men's Shed. The cart is a wonderful new addition to the raffle. They have done a fantastic job!

If you're looking for a friendly local place to meet other people and become involved with our community in a safe and supporting environment, why not give the Woonona Bulli Men's Shed a call?

They look forward to welcoming you!

The Woonona Bulli Mens Shed would like to extend a special thanks to the members, management and Board of Woonona Bulli RSL for their continued support and opportunities they so graciously provide.

For more information in the Men's Shed, please contact: Ron on 0499 617 433 or John on 0425 229 483