We’re improving the way our members redeem their Birthday Voucher offers.

In an effort to give our members a more seamless customer experience, we’ll be introducing a new way to redeem your birthday voucher offers
from 1st July 2019.

You’ll still receive a Happy Birthday card from us in the post ahead of your birthday month.

The difference will be, that our birthday cards will no longer have tear off vouchers that need to be brought in to redeem birthday offers! So no need to worry about losing them anymore!Instead, these offers will be available any Point of Sale (POS) till at the Club throughout your birthday month.

All you need to do is bring along your current membership card, give it to the staff member serving you and the offers will pop up on the POS screen. This will make accessing your birthday discounts a whole lot easier.

Once an offer has been redeemed, it will drop off the screen.

You’ll be able to print a Birthday Bounty Draw ticket from our kiosk in the Club. Simply print this and place it in the Birthday Bounty Draw Barrel at reception. Just remember that you have until 6pm on the last Sunday of each month to enter the draw and you must be present at the time of the draw to win if your ticket is drawn.

Note: Members who join or renew just before or within their birthday month may not have these offers available to them so be sure to join or renew at least 2 months prior to your birthday month to ensure you receive your birthday discounts.