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To all valued members,


Woonona Bulli RSL Club, like all clubs, has been closely monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic and is being guided by information provided by Federal and State Governments, Health Authorities and Industry Associations. As a result, your Club has implemented many measures and enhanced practices to ensure that we are providing the safest and most hygienic environment possible for our members and guests.


Our thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around Australia who are on the front line working to contain this situation. Please know that we are vigilantly monitoring this rapidly changing situation and have precautions in place to ensure a healthy visit to your Club.


The Club is making every effort to maintain a “Business as Usual” approach to its operations in this challenging time. We will be doing our best to safely provide the same products and services that you have always enjoyed with as minimal disruption as possible. With this in mind we will be reviewing all of our offerings to ensure that we remain relevant and viable and still provide great value for money options for our members and community that will help us all navigate our way through the next few months.


The Club wants to assure you that it is playing its role in reducing the impact of COVID-19 on its staff, its members and its community both in terms of health and safety and any financial impact through loss of wages due to diminished trade and circumstances beyond its control. The club therefore asks for your support by continuing to visit and contribute however you can. The financial viability of your local Clubs, Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants will depend on how our community responds and whether we continue to patronise these very important community and social hubs.


Please always remember that the Government’s advice is that there should be no need to make significant changes to your social life at this stage beyond taking practical social distancing measures and increasing your personal and hand hygiene.


Due to yesterday’s updates we will be making some adjustments to our operations and the way our patrons move around our venue. The new restrictions will require some changes to our furniture layouts and the location of some of our regular products and services. These changes will allow us to enhance social distancing, create identifiable zonings and will strictly adhere to the maximum of 100 persons per zone. We are still permitted to provide the unchanged service of food and beverages. We have an abundance of space both inside and outside that allow us to cater for all and comply with social distancing.

What you will notice next time you visit;


  • The Club has installed automatic hand sanitiser units around the Club in convenient locations and we encourage you to use these units regularly during your visits.

  • The Club has increased signage within the venue to inform staff, members, guests and visitors of

    good hygiene practices.

  • Enhanced and more frequent cleaning schedules and disinfecting of all high traffic and high touch

    point areas, door handles, restrooms, handrails, tabletops and machine buttons and surfaces.

  • Social distancing measures have been implemented throughout the Club where practicable including increasing table spacing in the Brasserie, Main Lounge and Coffee Shop. This will also be implemented and encouraged in all organised functions held inside the Club. Due to the Clubs large floor space we will be introducing additional seating in under-utilised areas to limit contact with others in-line with social distancing guidelines.

  • Changes in our Brasserie and Coffee Shop to minimise the points of contact between customers. Our cutlery stations have been removed and replaced with prepared sleeves containing your knife and fork that will be handed to you at the time of order. All “help-your-self” sauces have been replaced with portion controlled products.


    Here’s a few tips to help you stay safe when you are out and about:

  • Wash your hands frequently with warm soapy water before and after eating, and after going to the toilet;

  • Use hand sanitisers placed around the Club after coming into contact with objects or people;

  • Cover your mouth with tissues whenever you sneeze, and discard used tissues in the trash;

  • Consider Tap and Go or PayWave at all Points of Sales wherever possible;

  • Avoid touching people where possible – consider replacing a handshake with an elbow bump;

  • Avoid touching your face;

  • Maintain a social distance of 1.5m as much as practicable; and

  • If you are feeling unwell or have flu like symptoms you should stay at home and seek your

doctor’s advice.


During this time it is important we look after each other and stay safe. We will continue to share updates as the situation unfolds.


For further information on Coronavirus you should refer to the Department of Health or contact the

National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080.


If you have any questions or concerns please raise them with Club Management and we will do everything we can to respond and make any changes we can to make your experiences with us as enjoyable and as carefree as possible. We appreciate your patience and your support with these important changes.




Michael Brennan


I look forward to seeing you at the Club. Yours sincerely,


General Manager